NUGZ apparel (otherwise known as 'Kush Nugz') is an up and coming Canadian clothing company based out of Vancouver, BC. Created by local Chelsea Gibbons, the fresh and bold branding originated in 2009 when Gibbons began designing T-shirts that she would promote and sell to eager friends. As her following grew around the lower mainland of BC, Gibbons who is known endearingly as Nugz, suddenly found herself invited to join the crew at the High Times Magazine convention for a whirlwind weekend in Toronto. When her stock sold out within hours, and the feedback she received was overwhelmingly positive, it quickly became evident that her passion was destined to be more than just a fad between friends. 
Since then, the company has strived to continue designing, marketing and selling an increasingly extensive inventory of hip apparel and items that will appeal to her loyal fans and gain the intrigue of new ones. Cool, colourful and confident, the NUGZ brand has proven to turn heads on the street in daylight and shine bright all night in the clubs, not only in Vancouver but various cities worldwide; its only just the beginning of total world domination. NUGZ apparel can be found lighting it up in the local shops: Ignite Smoke Shop, Evolution Whistler, RedMed, Beat Street Records, and Cannabis Culture Headquarters, Join the movement! Thank you for the support! All sales are final at